week one plastic free-ish (well not at all really)

So I signed up to Rodale.com plastic free February.
An interesting week!
First thing you begin to notice is just how much plastic is around us, ALL the time. Need to remind myself though to be aware of the project, so I wrote it on my hand. Not the best solution because immediately fell for the PLASTIC biro. doh!
I was doing pretty well then until a lunchtime snack raised the bar – all of the crummy sauces (including HP my favourite) were in little plastic sachets at the cafe I had stopped off at. Asking for a cup of tea also generated a second request for a cup, not a plastic / polystyrene cup, a few strange looks from the tea lady but when I explained she got quite into the idea.
Rest of the day was a breeze – until I needed cash from the cash machine and of course, had to use the plastic card at the ATM, another jolt though to realise quite how evident the stuff is in everyday life.
Post arrived. Three of packets that came were wrapped in plastic bags. Felt cheated as it wasn’t my fault but noted the fact.
Fairly uneventful rest of day until opening a bottle of wine and it had a plastic cork. Is there no end to the tricks?
Starting to see the stuff everywhere, its in the dashboard of the car, in the hedges and bushes stuck there haunting me. Went to get milk and spent ages finally found a carton which I suspect was plastic coated, and certainly had a plastic mechanism for the pouring device. No glass milk bottles any more, anywhere. The milk led on to the inevitable cup of tea, and of course, opening the new box of tea meant breaking the plastic wrapper which sealed the cardboard box, and then breaking into the little bags which hold the tea bags meant more of the bloody stuff. It is now like a rash, or worse a virus which keeps recurring. Despite efforts to avoid it the stuff is just endemic.
Get up having dreamt about a pile of plastic bottles falling onto me in the night. Showered, pretending to not see the shampoo bottles (yellow colored plastic) which lingered menacingly in the shower cubicle.
Needed a shave, but the disposable razor is …you guessed it. Decided the rugged look was acceptable and did not succumb to the temptation to break my resolve that this was the day I would crack the challenge, just this one day, it would be my breakthrough.
By 2pm I am in clover, no problems – mainly because the tea was already plastic bag free from the work needed the day before, and the milk was decanted into a jug. A smug feeling of success began to emerge. Then – disaster – went to the shops to get food etc for dinner, forgot to take a bag, too much shopping even though it was carefully chosen and in a moment of weakness in the queue succumbed to plastic bag temptation to ensure safe transit of the said foodstuffs.
On reaching home and unloading in the shopping I realised that the bread, although in a brown paper bag, had a plastic window embedded into it (what the hell for! – so the bread could see out at the world?) .
Friday (today) v windy.
This is the day I thought, this is the day. All going swimmingly so far – but a foreboding hangs over me, somewhere in the dark recesses of Friday evening i fear i am going to be caught out. It is all going well, too well. Took dog for a walk before dark, he craps on the road – I scoop it up with the plastic bag conveniently tied to his lead in case of emergencies. A week of failure is symbolically ended with the turd in the bag – well, things can only get better in week 2 – am I allowed to have Saturday and Sunday as rest days I wonder, as the newspaper comes in a plastic bag, and the bacon buttie I love will certainly be sealed in plastic – its getting worrying – foreward planning for potential pitfalls – what will it be like by week four. Tune in next time readers for further adventures and check the other folks following the project on http://www.rodale.com/plastic-free