It is the funeral today of our friend Paul Hinkin. Paul worked tirelessly to create and realise the design of our dream for an eco-school in Parabong Uganda.  He has left us a wonderful plan, and a routemap to turn that dream into a reality.

A truly great architect is someone who punctures the existing veneer and noise of reality, and visualises bold improvements which serve to change that reality forever. Paul was just such a visionary, guided by the powerful mentor of nature and natural systems. For us personally, he has set us on a path towards the formulation of new ways of conceiving schools and communites. For others his legacy is in the work he inspired, informed, guided and through which we are all enriched.

His parting leaves a huge gap in our lives. We will miss you Paul.

Rest in Peace.

Next summer at the solstice, we will start a project called A Dance in Time from our base in Paris at Chateau de Millemont.

Our intention is to run the project at this location for thirty years, revisiting our theme annually and using the sustained stimuli of our responses to deepen over time our understanding of the complex relationship between people and planet.

A Dance in Time
A strange and radical transformation is underway.
No creature has ever altered life on planet earth like ourselves.
Very, very occasionally in the distant past, the planet has undergone change so wrenching that the diversity of life has plummeted.
Five of these ancient events were catastrophic enough to be called the Big-Five.
Now, in what seems to be a fantastic coincidence, the history of these events is being recovered just at the time when we come to realise that we are causing another catastrophe. Time will tell if it reaches the proportions of the Big-Five and becomes the sixth mass extinction. (Adapted from Elizabeth Kolbert 2014)
A Dance in Time begins at the Northern summer equinox 02015 and concludes at the Northern summer equinox of 02045.
This 30 year trajectory in time and space equates to the period in which E.O Wilson estimated some 30 per cent of all land mammals may become extinct due to the excesses of human action, and coincides with a critical moment in climate warming on a planetary level.
It is an unprecedented period for life on earth and our own relationship with our place: a time of renewal, human engagement, realignment, adaptation and reconnection with natural earth systems.

A Dance in Time choreographs and imagines this process of engagement – a movement in dance and sound initiated through the living landscape of our own places and embraced worldwide, evolving, connecting and emerging through physical, sonic and virtual pathways which illuminate and monitor the process of renewal and restoration.

We invite you to work alongside us in this project.
Paul Clarke
Co-Director Pop-Up-Foundation



Pop-Up Foundation and Black Architecture need YOU to help build an eco-school.

Last night Alison and I re-told the story to the 350 plus attendees at the annual awards dinner.

Now it’s time to get involved.

As Victoria Knowles from 2 Degrees blogged on the 2degrees site ’Whatever materials or services you can offer, we want to hear from you. Do you want to be part of the legacy? What do you get when you put an Architect, a Professor and an IBM Marketing Manager together with a few glasses of wine at a 2degrees awards ceremony? I’m sure you’ve already heard the legacy of the 2degrees Awards, but if you haven’t, here’s a quick recap. That night, Paul Clarke and Alison Hall at the Pop-Up Foundation left with more than the crown for Solution of the Year – they ran into Black Architecture’s Paul Hinkin, uttered those fateful words, “How would you like to design and build a school in Uganda?” and the idea was born.

We are now at the next stage of the project – its ready to roll – BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

The school will be built in Parabong, Northern Uganda, is community-managed using locally sourced materials and technology. The school has also been considered with hygiene in mind: It has long been recognised that female education is the key to unlocking development, yet currently most girls leave school when they reach puberty due to a lack of basic sanitation. One of the first actions in making the school will be the sinking of a borehole to provide a supply of water for drinking and personal hygiene. Since then, Paul Hinkin has flown to Uganda to visit a number of schools to understand the challenges that the team would need to overcome in building their school, as well as the materials and techniques local farmers use to build their own homes.

Now, we need you – in whatever capacity you can afford:

General · Financial support to project manage, build, resource and run the school. ·

Technical engineering support and guidance · Set of construction resources to fabricate on site, including a brick making machine and an earth mover/digger · Boots on the ground in the form of volunteers, staff expertise and assignments

Classrooms · Specialist help in creating good air quality / airflow for cool rooms and effective acoustics in the rooms ·

Natural Light solutions · Durable internal fittings for students to sit, study and socialise. ·

Internet capability so the kids can link to the outside world

Lavatories · Technical support on the most efficient form of water capture / management and flow for flushing systems avoiding malaria problems · Expertise on anaerobic digestions solutions to transform the waste into gas for cooking and fertiliser for the land

Kitchen · Solar technology support / biogas engineering support · Off grid-Food storage units ·

Food production support / growing food on scale for the school to become sustainable as a food secure environment. Can you help with the above, or anything else?

Contact us via or call us +44 07590470553

Last week Pop-Up-Foundation was at OuiShare and Paul spoke in a panel session with colleagues across Europe and from Australia on the theme of reinventing the Urban: Agriculture and Food Production it was a great session and some brilliant projects, look forward to the next time.